Signal Boosting: 3 Literacy Projects


Today I’ve selected 3 literacy projects from, each focusing on an aspect of literacy at a different grade stage: pre-literacy skill building in Pre-K, reading comprehension in Grade 3, and vocabulary expansion in high school.

Dramatic Play Equals Dramatic Academic Success! – Pre-K, Minneapolis, MN

My students need puppets, manipulatives, and costumes to practice speaking English and building pre-reading literacy skills!

Traveling Through a Book – Grade 3, Phoenix, AZ

My students need more fascinating books to read. Books like Rain School by James Rumford and Poison Dart Frogs Up Close by Carmen Bredeson will help my students explore different genres, while developing their reading comprehension.

Gamify Our Library  – Grades 9-12, Pittsburgh, PA

My students need games, puzzles and brainteasers to boost their problem-solving, logic and vocabulary skills.