Checking in.

It’s been a long while since I’ve blogged. No apologies; chronic illness doesn’t give a shit about plans. There were a lot of depressive bouts and migraines; there were weeks without bathing and way too many days housebound. Now that we’re in a stretch of hot summer in my piece of the Pacific Northwest I get pain flareups on the hottest days. I tend to be shit at recognizing in a timely fashion that as-needed pain or anxiety medication is warranted until my pain or cycling is high, so symptoms go poorly managed more often than not. Stress primes me for digestive issue flareups so between all my conditions it’s been as tough a year as any thus far.

Nevertheless, I persist.

Recently I managed to lose my wallet and my most vital cards along with. I’m still in the process of replacing the vitals, which for me includes my library cards (now for four systems because I am a major nerd). Libraries that make reporting a lost card as simple as filling out a form online or sending an email are my favorite because having to call during business hours when my sleep is super fucked up and I still have phone anxiety on the regular means I’ve only been able to initiate replacement on 3 out of 4 library cards so far. Having to visit libraries in person to complete the process is a barrier to timely replacement but at least I was able to replace my State ID reasonably quickly. (So far one library system did offer to mail a new card if I couldn’t come in soon but I’ve had physical items to return so visiting soon would happen regardless.)

As for a new wallet, I wanted something small but closeable and finally settled on a very plain $5 trifold that I may spruce up with a patch at some point. I was hoping to score coin storage but my chosen replacement wallet is as coin-unfriendly as the old, so I’ll hit the usual suspects (Hot Topic, Claire’s) for some cute little coin purse and then I should be reasonably set.

Kid is doing great overall, and just had a particularly successful weekend of toilet use. For the record, the Minions underpants we got him from H&M months ago are the cutest little boy underpants in the whole world. My favorite design, predictably, is Team Bob because #TeamBobForLife #GoBob #KingBobMicDrop (and so on).

No promises on how often I’ll be posting going forward; I’ll be here when I’m here. I know consistency builds readership but pageviews ain’t my game here, darlin’.


I Had A Cunning Plan

MAL: I don’t plan on any shooting taking place during this job.
JAYNE: Well, what you plan and what takes place ain’t ever exactly been similar.

My health has very not been on board for meeting launch deadline with the amount and type of content I’d originally intended to have ready. I’m going through another bout of sleep issues and that fucks everything over, basically. Like, I had such plans and intentions and my brain and my body have been like, OH HELL NO.

So what I do definitely have for you right now is the bits and bobs I rolled out the past few days, including the IKEA trip recap and yesterday’s “Firefly is responsible for my marriage” post, plus a couple easy features scheduled to publish later today.

I’m not sure how the day is going to look from my end of things; as I write this, it’s around 5 am PST and I woke up just before noon on Tuesday. I did get a decent chunk of sleep yesterday so at least I have that going for me. Right now all I can think about is getting this post done and getting back to the coloring page I was working on earlier.

While this isn’t how I’d hoped for things to go, this is certainly an honest beginning.


This box on fire I drew for Owen the other day at his request really speaks to me right now.

Launch Day: March 8th!

Official launch date and time: Wednesday, March 8th, at 9:00 am PST (12:00 pm EST, 5:00 pm UTC)!

Leading up to launch, we’ll be publishing a couple items of the getting-to-know-you variety, and then on the big day we’ll have several new items to share with you.

Types of content you can expect from us: personal narrative, editorials, reviews, and links (resources, things we love, happenings, etc.).

Major areas of focus: education, family (marriage, parenting, faith and culture), feminism, health (mental and physical), LGBT+ issues, media (mostly literature, film and television), and social and political issues. Expect some overlap between topics; just as life doesn’t sort these topics into perfectly distinct, separate little boxes, neither can we as we explore and reflect upon the issues we face.