Signal Boosting: 4 Gardening Projects


Today I’ve selected 4 gardening projects from

First Time Farmers – Grades 6-8, Miami, FL

My students need garden seeds and supplies to grow their own school garden. In addition, they will learn about the life cycle of butterflies. Throughout the year, they will monitor and maintain their garden.

Kindergarten Blossoms – Kindergarten, Cherry Hill, NJ

My students come from diverse backgrounds and cultures. They are ESL and need support in all areas of reading, writing, speaking, and listening. K is generally the first academic experience for my students. They are a diverse group with 10 different first languages. We have a courtyard with raised beds, but need seeds and tools for planting.

Let’s Get to GROWING!  – Grades 3-5, Bradenton, FL
Donations matched by Tom’s of Maine

My classroom is very interactive throughout the entire day. The Tom’s of Maine company has provided the chance for students to learn about Environmental Science in a hands on experience. The purpose of this project is for students to read about plants, and how they affect our Earth. From here, they will get to plant their own plants, starting as seeds. The different types of seeds are going to allow the students to see different stages of different plants in their growth.

Planting Seeds and Growing Learners – Pre-K to Grade 2, Tampa, FL

Our class will be contributing to our school garden. As we begin learning about life science, this is the perfect opportunity for our students to engage in hands-on learning and integrate multiple STEM skills. We wish to invite parents to a gardening day, where students will rotate in stations learning about the plants life cycle through multiple platforms. Stations will be able to observe and compare different seeds, investigate plant growth and changes, plant a variety of seeds indoors and outdoors, and play a learning game with classmates that includes questions that focus on the plant’s life cycle.



Signal Boosting: 3 Literacy Projects


Today I’ve selected 3 literacy projects from, each focusing on an aspect of literacy at a different grade stage: pre-literacy skill building in Pre-K, reading comprehension in Grade 3, and vocabulary expansion in high school.

Dramatic Play Equals Dramatic Academic Success! – Pre-K, Minneapolis, MN

My students need puppets, manipulatives, and costumes to practice speaking English and building pre-reading literacy skills!

Traveling Through a Book – Grade 3, Phoenix, AZ

My students need more fascinating books to read. Books like Rain School by James Rumford and Poison Dart Frogs Up Close by Carmen Bredeson will help my students explore different genres, while developing their reading comprehension.

Gamify Our Library  – Grades 9-12, Pittsburgh, PA

My students need games, puzzles and brainteasers to boost their problem-solving, logic and vocabulary skills.