Viewer Discretion: March 14th, 2017


We acquired a Roku Streaming Stick in order to access Google Play content via our TV (neither our Sony BluRay player nor Xbox 360 offered Google Play apps, presumably due to branding). Our Netflix viewing experience on our Roku player is sheer bliss compared to the difficulties we were having with the app for our BluRay player. Hulu also seems to be running more smoothly. Who could have predicted a device whose primary purpose is to stream video-on-demand (VOD) would perform better than devices for whom VOD apps are secondary? I’m kicking myself for not investing in a Roku sooner.

So with our Roku, we can now access all of our VOD subscription services on the TV, not just via our other devices! Our current subscriptions: Amazon Prime Video, Comic-Con HQ, Hulu, Netflix. I also like having access to free apps like CW and Popcornflix.

Over the weekend, Jeremy and Owen assembled the new TV stand (IKEA GETTORP), so now the 2×2 black-brown EXPEDIT unit we’d been using is ready for me to put to work in the den as part of my “office.”

New TV Stand

Owen wanted to be in this pic of our new TV stand (IKEA GETTORP). This placement is not final as we need to assemble the BILLY bookcase for proper film/TV disc collection organization and then anchor everything for safety.

Family Faves

Thanks to a promo, I was able to choose 1 of several popular titles to rent via Google Play for just $0.99 and I picked Trolls. Oh. My. God. You. Guys! Such a cute, fun movie. Will definitely buy when we can score a deal. 5 out of 5 glitterbombs.

Our improved Netflix experience means we could get back into Trollhunters! We watch this as a family, usually after supper.

Kid Picks

Amazon Prime Video: Odd Squad (math!), Ready Jet Go! (space! science!)

Hulu: Powerpuff Girls, Pororo

Grownup Fare

Netflix: Jeremy started Ascension without me because he’s a punk like that. He’s 2 episodes in and digs it so far. We rewatched the first episode of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. this weekend because I’m considering picking that up. I have a lot of Marvel and DC shows to get into and/or catch up on, always.

Hulu: We’re still loving Lethal Weapon. We watched the first 2 episodes of Time After Time and find it delightful (cutest HGW ever). Key & Peele is our go-to quick entertainment fix the past few days. I’m still binge-watching Golden Girls (mostly while Jeremy’s at work since he’s not a fan) and getting close to the end so I have to decide what I want to binge-watch next, unless I’m going to commit to reading more than having the TV on.